Shimon Sheves, Founder and chairman of HolistiCybershimon sheves

Shimon Sheves is Chairman and Founder of HolistiCyber, a cyber security company that provides a nation-state level cyber defense posibilities

Academic education

Mr. Shimon Sheves attended the New Haven University were he earned degrees in business and public management. Further more, Mr. Sheves attended some exclusive & executive courses that where conducted on behalf of the United States of America ministry of defense, majoring on issues of national and international security.

Public career

Mr.Shimon Shaves kicked of his long and respected career as he became the Chairman of Golan Settlements Committee, the Deputy Chairman of Golan Heights Regional Council and the chairman of the Golan Heights economic company. During his term in that position, Mr. Shimon Sheves lead a large scale developing process that covered the entire Golan region. Mr. Shimon Sheves' name is well accumulated as a main contributor to the developing and promoting of all of the northern part of Israel's economical and tourist areas.

Resulting from his undisputed success in the Golan Heights, Mr. Shimon Sheves was "called to duty" by the latter Mr. Rabin, who was appointed as the secretary of defense in 1984. For the next 6 years, Mr. Shimon Sheves served as Mr. Rabin's personal and political assistant. As part of his job, he was in charge of all the issues concerning settlements enterprises. During those years Mr. Shimon Sheves earned a broad knowledge of the way the most sensitive and complicated public and security systems actually function.

By 1990, as Mr. Rabin's Labor party withdrew from the government, Mr. Shimon Sheves was appointed as head of the strategic team that planed the upcoming run for the prime minister's office. Mr. Shimon Sheves actually cogitated and carried out the strategic move that enabled the Labor party, lead by Mr. Rabin, to become the main political factor for the first time after 15 years. As such, it established the government right after the 1992 selections.

For the next two years, Mr. Shimon Sheves served as prime minister's Rabin General Director and chief of staff. As part of his job, Mr. Shimon Sheves was in charge of developing and promoting issues of national importance such as national infrastructures and settlements. Additionally, he was in charge in promoting projects concerning large scale accommodation units for the wide public.

Mr. Rabin's tragic assassination on November 1995 put an end to Mr. Shimon Sheves' public chapter of his career. Although more than 15 years had already gone by since the horrible political murder of the beloved Mr.’ Rabin, Mr. Shimon Sheves still remembers and vows to never forget the incitement and illegitimating atmosphere that existed prior to it.

Nowadays, besides running his business activity, Mr. Shimon Sheves dedicates a major part of his time as well as strategic talent to help non profit organizations on a voluntary basis.

Recent activities

Shimon Sheves works within the cyber industry, providing management and strategic consulting to high-tech and cyber firms in both Israel and the US. Israel has become one of the most significant regions for the development of cyber security platforms and applications. Sheves also provides strategic consulting services to several local real estate developers in a number of African countries as well as significant locations in Brazil.

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